Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lilly and Graham

Lilly was just about 2 weeks old and was so tiny! She's got an amazing big brother though to take care of her. Graham was cracking me up with all the funny things he would say as I would take the picture. "Pickles" was one of his favorite things to say.


This little guy was almost 2 weeks old when I got a hold of him. Such a little sweetheart with a precious little face, I think he gets it from his Mamma.


What can I say, she was really easy photograph. Little Peyton is six months old and such a little joy, that smile can light up a room.

Where have I been hiding?

Well I'm still alive and well just super busy with school and photoshoots! Enjoy the next couple hundred postings (a little exaggeration ) from the past couple of months...

Here is Van. Precious little newborn just 10 days old. Such an easy little guy to photograph.